The Truth About Faking - Leigh Talbert Moore Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste and poor memory, formatting has been lost.I was really disappointed by The Truth About Faking. I was expecting a fun, sweet, romantic comedy type book, but what I got wasn't that. It tried at being it, but in my mind it completely failed. The romance happened way too fast to be believed, and their chemistry just really wasn't all that. With either boy. :/Jason was way too annoying, and Trent was from the very beginning just not the right guy. There's a big twist involving Trent, but sadly it was very unsurprising and way before it came out it was totally obvious, know, sometimes I like a little mystery.Harley herself wasn't all that great of a character. She was flat and uninteresting from the beginning, and she managed to fall in love with a boy that she was "fake-dating" pretty dang quickly. It was pretty close to insta-love. They didn't actually spend much time kissing (as opposed to the description, maybe once or twice when they were "in love"), and most of the time that they spent together was focused on her dating Trent, which was just strange.All in all, The Truth About Faking was a huge disappointment for me, but if it sounds like something you'll like you should give it a shot.