The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.When I started The Avery Shaw Experiment, I really had no idea what to expect. A few of my favorite bloggers had read it and liked it, so I decided to give it a shot, because it looked seriously cute. Turns out that it was adorable in every way imaginable! Grayson and Avery ended up being so cute together-- you don't even know yet. Pretty soon into the book I was laughing and seriously cheering them on. They were very likable as a couple, so I just couldn't help but swoon over almost every one of their interactions.Grayson was so, so, so...hott. I loved him, I truly did. I always found myself racing to the next chapter through his point of view, then thoroughly devouring it so that I could move onto the next and the next. The Avery Shaw Experiment would be crazy comfort reading, let me tell you! Anywho, back to my favorite boy, Grayson. Everything that he did just managed to dig me into a hole deeper and deeper with my crush...fictionally, of course... he was just sweet and kind and protective! Seriously. Let me share an oh-so-smexy quotes.*SPOILERY* I always looked at her as sort of a pesky little sister, but all that changed the day my brother dumped her. Why, you ask? Let me put it this way: When a girl lets you be the one to hold her as her entire world falls apart, even though you're ass naked, it changes the way you see her.*SPOILERISH QUOTE END*The scene that he kind of describes, well, it made me guffaw out loud. I found myself laughing a lot during this book, which was really nice. Some of the crude jokes were a little much, but they totally had me smiling throughout the book.On to Avery, who is, of course, the main character. I really enjoyed her chapters too, but I think that Grayson shall remain my favorite. BUT. Avery was still a fun character to read about, and I liked her insights on everything. She seemed to be completely honest with herself, and just so down to earth and sweet. I'm so sad that she had to fall for Aiden (duh, we're curing a broken heart here, y'all) who really was a jerk. I think I kind of hate him, to tell you the truth.But I love all of the secondary characters. Libby was so quirky and weird and hilarious, and all of the other science geeks were great too. I also enjoyed Grayson's friends. All in all, The Avery Shaw Experiment really is an awesome book. I totally recommend it!