The Flirting Games (The Flirting, #1) - Stella Wilkinson Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.*ACTUALLY 3.5 STARS*Flirting Games was just your average YA contemporary, but shrunk down to novella size. I found myself wishing that it had been longer, because I was really enjoying the sweet/not-sweet love that was forming between Nate and Ellie. My only problem with this book was that it was just a tad too short-- that, and there were some random grammar mistakes. But I'm not very worried about them, because seriously, grammar isn't one of my strong points. ;)Nathaniel was a jerk at first, and I didn't like the way that he played with girl's emotions, but as the story went on I began to appreciate the complete 180 that he was doing over Ellie. I love it when guys like that fall in love-- it's always ridiculously intense! Their love came a little too fast, but I'm willing to overlook that because of the novella status of THE FLIRTING GAMES.I liked Ellie. She cares for her friends, and I enjoyed the ridiculous lengths that she was willing to go through to stop Nathaniel from playing her friend Rose. I loved that she was willing to stand up for herself when she needed to, and that she wasn't so easily impressed by Nate. I liked their banter, especially the P&P references!I also liked the interconnected love stories that hint at the next books-- they were sweet. My only problem with that is that I wanted to just focus on the main couple.All in all, THE FLIRTING GAMES was a very sweet, cute read. I really enjoyed it. (: