The Son of Rage and Love - Thomas Raymond Other reviews like this (Kinda) at thebookbabesreads.blogspot.comI really liked this book. It had great characters, and the writing was amazing. Daniel's character was great, because he was innocent, yet he knew everything was going wrong, and he really doesn't have ADD, but was just diagnosed with it when he was a little kid. I mean, all little kids are hyper. They love to jump around, and play, and any other thing that might possibly get on your nerves. It is their way of life.Back to Daniel. I really liked the way that Daniel described the fog, and the little pink pills. It made me think that he wasn't always in the fog, and that he might want a way out. A way to just be a kid, without all the little pink pills, and therapists. I think Jean-Maurice added an interesting element to this story, because I've never read a book about a celebrity's kid that had an adopted brother from Haiti.Also, Daniel's grandmother is holding all the puppet strings. She's pulling them to make people do what she wants, and they have to do it, or else they'll be reprogrammed. *Ominous laugh*I have a serious case of writer's block today, guys. Sorry.This book was sad, happy, and also really, really...different. No one else has really explored this in the YA realm. It makes this book unique, that's for sure, but it also makes it something that you might need a bit of a nudge to read. A nudge like this: I would recommend it to fans of Adios, Nirvana.So, all in all, this book was very, very good, with a side of awesomesauce. :P