Untamed Hearts by Melody Grace

Untamed Hearts (Beachwood Bay, #1.5) - Melody Grace

I didn't really love Untamed Hearts. I thought that I would, because all of Melody Grace's covers are so pretty - I'm a cover whore. I can't help it. I snatched this up on a freebie day, only to find out that... I didn't love it. It was too rushed. I generally like prequel books, but I found that I just couldn't believe that after one night they were in love.


Their relationship is based entirely on sex. That's obviously why they're in love. THIS is my face: -_- I don't feel like you can base an entire relationship on a physical connection. That just doesn't ring true. I want more depth to the romance that I read.


I found it interesting that there was a cameo of Emerson, and I liked the way that the stories kind of intertwined with Unbroken, but that just wasn't enough. I found Brit, our main character, to be an idiot. There's no other way to describe her for me. She runs away from everything, and she never even ventured to make an attempt at trying. That's why I didn't like her.


The love interest wasn't all that great either. I don't understand why everyone has to have problems to fall in love. Is there no people out there without the drama of a death or pressures or anything? All in all, this just wasn't the read for me, and I don't want to spend any more time dwelling on it.

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