More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #2) - Kelly Oram

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This series is one of my ultimate fluffy reads - they have substance, but at the same time, their only purpose [when I read them] is to make me feel better. They're so lighthearted! I started More Than Jamie Baker with big expectations, because I loved the first book in the series, Being Jamie Baker. What's not to love about a girl with super powers?!


Jamie is so great. I love her as a character - she's smart and compassionate, snarky and friggin' hilarious. Plus, like I said before... she has superpowers! That's awesome. Not to mention the fact that she is fiercely protective of her friends and family, and the fact that she's just a normal girl, if you can look past the powers.


I also like the love interest, Ryan. Let's just face it, he's seriously the best guy ever. He's sweet and nice - and he's got an ego, which is just not a bad thing for me. I find it really endearing! He's also overly optimistic about some things, but oh so adorable. I heart him.


Ryan and Jamie together is just... magic. I ship them so hard. I want them to be together forever. The banter between them is just too cute, and the chemistry is off the freaking charts amazing! There is a twist near the end with their relationship that kind of freaks me out, though. I'm totally not going to lie. I'm not sure that they're ready for it. O.O


The introduction of Teddy was a really good idea, I think. In the beginning, I thought that he was the cutest character ever - he was so shy that I kind of wanted to pinch his fictional cheeks... glad that urge went away, because the longer that he was in the book; the more I realized that I didn't like him. At first he was the most adorable thing ever. But I was chanting I hate you near the end, that's for sure. I didn't like the fact that he kept trying to steal Jamie from Ryan.


Mike definitely grew into himself in this one. I was really unsure about how I would feel about him, after the stunt he pulled in the first book; but I totally forgave him. I actually pity him, to tell you the truth. He turns out to be an okay kind of guy.


I also liked the fact that Carter, the guy who made Jamie's life suck in the first book plays an important in this one. They actually have a great relationship now, which I thought was awesome. He really just wanted to help Jamie.


I was worried that there was going to be a love triangle in this one, because of Teddy, but I was proved wrong on that front. Thankfully. I didn't like the fact that Jamie and Teddy just went gallivanting off together, though. I feel like that was just a bad idea.


The ending killed me. It really did. I was left wanting to go cry in a corner, that's for sure. Here's to hoping that the next book is everything that I hope it'll be!