Time After Time

Time After Time - Tamara Ireland Stone

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I remember when I read Time Between Us, I thought it was a pretty good read. I liked it, I liked Anna and Bennett, but I thought that it was a little cliched. I still ended up giving it four stars, though.


Time After Time was a completely different experience for me. I just couldn't shake the thought, throughout the book, that Anna and Bennett just shouldn't be together. They're from completely different worlds! They'd never really be able to keep up an actual relationship - I mean, they could never live together or get married and have kids, because Bennett doesn't belong in 1995, and Anna can't go to 2012. All that they're doing is causing a whole bunch of heartache for themselves.


So really, I couldn't fall for them as a couple. Several times I just wanted Anna and Bennett to let each other go, to just live in the moment. I found myself not wanting them to work out.


I had to push myself through parts of this book, because I felt like the plot just moved so slow! There was a definite bumpedita theme going on here, and the fact remains that the romance just wasn't working for me. The next thing that bothered me was the time travel - I loved it in the first book, I really did.


But in this one, I kept questioning it and everything that Bennett did with it. I couldn't help but think about the fact that he has inadvertently caused a lot of the things that shouldn't have happened. He's messed up a lot of stories, that's for sure.


All in all, Time After Time just wasn't for me. The time travel just didn't work, and I found myself hoping that the lead couple would just break it off.


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