Angelfall  - Susan Ee

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I jumped right into Angelfall without having a clue about it. I knew that it was about angels, but that was the extent of my knowledge. To tell you the truth, I'd never really been interested in it before - it didn't seem like my thing. But I gave it a shot, for Nitzan!


And it turns out that I actually liked it! It was really... I guess intense would be the word. It felt like we never really stopped for a breath. There were lots of horror-y moments where I wished I wasn't reading in the dark, and there was a bit of a mystery going on. I liked the mystery, even if in the end it was all gruesome and such. Gruesome is okay.


I liked Penryn too - but her name... I don't know about it. I couldn't decide how exactly to say it, so it kept coming out "Pinrin", which probably isn't right... but whatever. I also had a bit of a problem with Raffe's name - I kept calling him "Raf-eee", even though it's pronounced "Raw-Feet". I guess I just have a bit of a problem with pronunciation - let's blame it on my roots. But I've sidetracked a bit here... back to Penryn.


Like I said, I liked her as a character. She was a really strong girl, and it was nice to see someone so focused on keeping their family safe in a situation like hers. I did have a problem with some of the things that she did, though. For someone so focused on family, she's not afraid to run off and leave her schizophrenic mom anywhere - and her mom always finds her. I'm not going to lie, Penryn's mom sort of scared me.


There were lots of terrifying moments in Angelfall. And I mean lots - Susan Ee sure knows how to write a suspenseful scene, which I liked. I even liked the ending, although it was kind of sad. I still liked it. All in all, Angelfall was a pretty good read.