Love, Tink:

Love, Tink: The Complete Series - Ms Elle Strauss

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Love, Tink was a different read for me. I'm not usually such a big fan of serial books, but I decided to try this one - because it was a re-imagining of Peter Pan, and I just loved the idea of that. I thought it was cute, I really did... but. It just wasn't for me.


The story was cute and interesting, but the characters lacked any sort of depth. It was all very simplistic - definitely for a younger audience. Not everything checked out, but everything so easily wrapped up. I questioned Tink's wings drooping, and the "self-sacrifice" that happened with Jangle. I honestly didn't get it. Halfway through the series, we got one or two chapters in Peter's point of view and then it was back to Tink, with no real explanation.


There was no real plotting to be had, and no build up. It was just like "bam!" and something would happen. There was a gross twist near the end, and I was all like eww, but Tink miraculously gets out of it. Plus the ending... it just... ended. All in all, Love, Tink wasn't really my thing, but I did think that it was a cute read.