See Jane Run

See Jane Run - Hannah Jayne

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I think it's time to accept the fact that thrillers in the YA genre just may not be my thing - I struggle with them. I can't help but be upset when I figure it out before it happens, and even when I don't I'm not particularly impressed. See Jane Run was another thriller that I liked, but I just didn't love. There were a few legit terrifying moments, but most of the time I was anticipating the next plot twist.


Riley as a character... is slightly contradicting. Sometimes I just wanted to shake some sense into her - she was just really clueless! She's very trusting... and naive. I just couldn't get past that character flaw. I couldn't connect with her.


I liked JD, but I got pretty unsure about him towards the end - I just didn't know who to trust anymore, and I just don't like not being able to trust anyone. I always feel like I'm missing something in a situation like that. Which I guess is the point.


See Jane Run did have some very scary and thriller-ish moments in it, which did up my enjoyment level. Sometimes it's fun to be scared, but I feel like it was just missing something. The twists were easily figured out, and the characters left something to be desired. All in all, I didn't particularly care for it - it was just enjoyable enough.