Out of Reach

Out of Reach - Carrie Arcos

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For me, Out of Reach was an interesting read - I enjoyed seeing the effects of addiction on family members - a lot of the time, we read more about the person who's addicted. It was nice to see some variation to the trope.


But I went into Out of Reach expecting the story to end on the last page - and I expected closure. I really didn't get it. The story has a very open ending, with an unfinished feel, and I didn't particularly care for that. I wanted to see how everything turned out. I wanted to see where the growing attraction between Rachel and Tyler went, and so many other things.


I wanted more from this.


Don't get me wrong, I liked it! I liked the overall feel - the sad and the happy. I liked that Rachel grew throughout the book, and that maybe she came out a little happier than she was when she went in. I sympathized with Rachel - I wouldn't know what to say or do in that situation either, so I react to things similarly. In the beginning, I feel like Rachel was severely depressed. The first chapter is told in completely monosyllabic sentences - straight and to the point, which set the feel of the novel.


I'm glad that was over by the second chapter, though - I don't think I could have taken it for much longer. I wanted Rachel to just feel - to feel anything! And by the end, I really do think that she was feeling. We started out with an empty shell of a character, but she grew up from that.


I liked Tyler - he was very chivalrous. I think that they (Rachel & him)  would have made a good couple. He was adorably protective of her, and I just want them to be together. They could be good for each other.


The flashbacks that Rachel had of times with Micah were good - I liked seeing his progression through her eyes, and seeing all those sweet moments with them as kids. It added an interesting depth to the story.


All in all, I can't say that I didn't enjoy Out of Reach, it just left me with more questions than answers.

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