Origins: The Fire

Origins: The Fire - Debra Driza

When I started this one, I was expecting a novella that would give me enough of a hint on whether or not I'd like Mila 2.0. I was expecting it to be close to eighty pages - turns out that it was fifteen (including excerpts, which I didn't read), and it literally only includes one event. The entire novella was based around a fire.


Mila wakes up. Fire. Runs outside. Runs back in to find her parents, passes out and it ends. So, I'm not sure about this series, in the long run. I thought the writing was pretty good, but it was all over way too quickly. I'd have loved to have learned more about Mila, or even to get a hint of what she was like, but nada.


It was very action packed, but that just wasn't enough for me. All in all, this was an interesting prequel - but it was over way too quickly, and I honestly kind of rolled my eyes at it.