Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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"The ones who throw their beauty around, waste what they have? Their beauty is only passing. It's just a shell hiding nothing but shadows and emptiness."


Hmm. How to say this? I actually enjoyed Obsidian a lot more than I expected to. Based on reviews, I could've gone either way. But in the end... I went both ways. See, there are parts of me that really enjoyed this one - that devoured it in just a couple of sittings, and this was the book to throw me out of my funk... but there are also parts of me that didn't think it was ridiculously great or anything.


I mean, I spent the first half of the book silently calling Daemon a douche. Because he is one, and it's really obvious. I actually find it ironic that the quote I used was from him... seeing as he throws around his beauty all the time. I mean, come on. He does, and he is a jerk and he is a douche... but there's just something that I like about him. It becomes more obvious in book two - in this one, I was mostly unsure.


Speaking of unsure, I don't know about Katy's book blog. It seems a little... fishy. I mean, she never really thinks about it, unless she's actually blogging, or talking about how she's going to read a book... which she never seems to do. Not gonna lie, I think about this little corner of the universe all the time. I'll think about things I want to say in certain reviews, or about how I need to promote more on this platform or whatever - my blog is constantly running in the background of my mind.


So, yes... I find it a little fishy that Katy doesn't think about hers all the time. And, well... the girl doesn't like country music. I knew that we couldn't be friends from that point on. (Just kidding. Kind of.) But really, Katy is more of a filler character than anything else. I think what the story is really about is.... you guessed it, Daemon. He seems to be the one with the development, while Katy is just kind of... flat and meh.


Which seems ridiculous, I mean come on! She's the main character! Where's the development? Where are the quirks and the personality traits? She's like (dare I say it?) Bella.


First off, I kind of want to curse a friend of mine - but she's right. Applaud yourself, Rashika! You made me notice all of the similarities between Obsidian and Twilight. I mean, dang. There are so many similarities, except for the fact that Daemon doesn't creepishly watch her while she sleeps, and she isn't obsessed with him immediately. She thinks he's hot, though. In the words of Razzy, "it's like a better version of Twilight."


All in all, I kind of feel like Obsidian is a guilty pleasure. It was a fun and quick read, but it's not like "OMG I LOVE IT FOREVER, ALL THE STARS" or anything like that. Solid 3.

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