Boy Swap

Boy Swap - Kristina Springer

I can honestly tell you that I thought I would like this one more. It had a super cute cover, and a really fun premise, but the end result of Boy Swap was just BLEGH for me. I was hoping for a fun romance, with a hint of revenge or something - but what I got was anything but that. Or maybe it was just an overload of revenge. Because that's all I really got from this book - "she stole my boyfriend, so I'll get hers", and then suddenly she's all in love with the boyfriend that she was stealing.


And I didn't feel Carter and Brooke, not at all. They had no chemistry, but that could be because Carter had the personality of a cardboard box. Scratch that - cardboard boxes have more character. And many more possibilities.


Don't even get me started on Brooke! I feel like she was way to self-centered (what with the "Boy Swap" club and all). At first I thought she might just be kind of confused, but turns out she just wanted to be popular. I mean, just ask yourself. Would you ever join a club to share boyfriends?


I don't understand girls like that, I guess. I understand wanting to be liked - but you really have to get over that in life. I don't care if people like me. And she shouldn't either! All that matters in life is being yourself, obviously. Not only was Brooke ridiculously self-centered, her "voice" was also very... hyperactive. She jumped from subject to subject with barely any pause in between, which made her read like a bouncy little kid.


She calmed down a little towards the end, though. Which brings me to my next issue - the ending. The ending was way too open, and actually a tad bit strange. It was odd that everything worked out in her favor, because I can honestly say that real life isn't like that.


All in all, don't let all my problems scare you off! It was an enjoyable enough read, I just have a lot of bad things to say about it.