Kiss Me Again

Kiss Me Again - Rachel Vail

I've been wanting to continue Charlie and Kevin's story for a long time - but what I didn't realize was that Kiss Me Again would leave me with just as many questions as the first book! I mean, really. I was hoping for this book to resolve their romance - but I just have more questions about how they're going to make it work! That ending honestly felt like a cop out to me.


Kevin and Charlie were absolutely perfect together - they're the greatest mix of awkward and adorable. Just like their situation. The story was super light and cute, with a just a couple of tense moments, which was pretty nice.


I enjoyed all of the character development that we got from Charlie in this one - I had forgotten that she was so funny! I love her sense of humor, and though she can be a bit immature, her heart is in the right place. I also thought it was cool that Kevin is color blind. And an artist. That's something that you never see in YA fiction, so it was awesome to have a main character with those issues. On top of that, Kevin is super sweet! I think that's adorable.


The introduction of Anya and Charlie's new job was cool - I enjoyed all of Charlie's coworkers and their quirks. And I love, love, love Kevin's dad! He's so very dense, and he's always interrupting the moment - and never even realizing it! I loved that. It made for some really fun awkward moments.


Let's talk about Charlie's best friend, Tess, though. I didn't care for her at all in Kiss Me Again. I'm 98% sure that the girl is a liar, and she's not a very good friend. I honestly wanted to beat her with a stick - she would have deserved it for some of the things she did.


All in all, Kiss Me Again was a fun, light book. A bit of fluff, to tell you the truth.