Lovely Vicious

Lovely Vicious  - Sara Wolf

I really didn't think that I would like Lovely Vicious near as much as I did. I was expecting a bit of cliche, and while there was that, it didn't bother me a bit, because I loved the characters! Isis, the main character, really had some fire about her. I loved her sense of humor, and even if she was a bit out there, she really was lovable. She was very genuine, and though she can take things a bit far sometimes, I think she means well.


I didn't care for her immature insults, and I cringed a couple of times, but other than that, she really was an awesome character. While I loved her instantly, it took me a bit to like Jack. There's nothing wrong with him per say, but man he chapped me!


Mostly, it was because he was such a jerk! And for a long time, too! While Isis can be rude, she's usually not intentionally mean. (At least, I never got that vibe from her.) Jack pushes the boundaries, then he runs right over them, with his ego in tow. We got to know him a bit better with the chapters from his point of view, but he could still be a jerk sometimes.


There was plenty of heart clenching throughout their romance, that's for sure! I really enjoyed that part of the book, and I liked the fact that lots of things were implied, rather than thrown in your face. It gives you a chance to fill in the blanks for yourself, which was nice.


My only real problem with Lovely Vicious? It just ends, with no warning and no resolution. Such a cliffy!